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If you adore shoes and have been looking for the ideal pair, you should go with Hibbett sports shoes. Let's take a look!

In small to mid-sized markets, mainly in the Southeast, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest of the United States, Hibbett Sports, Inc. operates sports goods retail locations. The business sells a variety of sporting gear, shoes, and clothing. Hibbett Sports, Sports Additions, Sports & Co., and Hibbett Team Sales, Inc. are its store formats.

As of January 28, 2012, it ran 832 stores in 26 states, including 812 Hibbett Sports locations as well as 19 Sports Additions athletic shoe stores with a smaller style and one Sports & Co. superstore with a more oversized format. Of the 832 stores, 203 were found in enclosed malls, while 629 were in strip malls. It launched 49 Hibbett Sports stores and three Sports Addition locations during the fiscal year that ended on January 28, 2012 (fiscal 2012), while shutting 17 Hibbett Sports stores and one Sports & Co. store. 18 locations underwent expansions or remodels in fiscal 2012, while one Sports & Co. location became a Hibbett Sports location.

Hibbett Sports

hibbett sports store

A full-line sporting goods retailer with its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, Hibbett Sporting Goods is owned by Hibbett Sports, Inc., a publicly held holding company in the United States. At the end of January 2022, the business had 1,096 retail locations across 35 states, including 900 Hibbett Sports stores, 179 City Gear stores, and 17 Sports Additions Athletic shoe stores.

In the Southeast, Southwest, and lower Midwest regions of the United States, Hibbett Sports, Inc. runs sporting goods stores in small to mid-sized markets. Georgia has 97 stores, Texas has 97 stores, and Alabama has 90 stores. A variety of athletic gear, footwear, and apparel are available in its outlets. The Hibbett Sports store, the company's main store concept, is an about 5,000 square foot store that is mostly found in strip centres that are typically impacted by a Wal-Mart store.

Hibbett Sports reported net yearly sales of US$913M on US$452M in total assets in January 2015. The business declared the opening of its new online store,, in August 2017. A store availability locator, fit-finding technologies, and product launch dates are all included on the website.


Hibbett Shoes

hibbett shoes

A prominent retailer of clothing with an athletic flair, Hibbett Sports, Inc. has more than 1,000 locations around the country. The company sells a variety of shoes, including casual, fashionable, and sports styles.

The following are some benefits of buying shoes from Hibbett:

  • Several well-known brands have approved Hibbett to sell their products.
  • Hibbett has a large selection of shoes available at different pricing points.
  • Hibbett is known for offering top-notch goods for sale.
  • Customers can try on shoes at Hibbett's actual stores before making a purchase.
  • Shoe discounts and promos are available at Hibbett.

Hibbett shoes Jordans

Here are some of the explanations for the success of the Hibbett shoes Jordan.

● Exceptional Performance Item

The fact that Jordan shoes give top-notch performance goods is the main factor in its popularity and continued consumer demand. They offer superior comfort and support compared to other items on the market because they are high-quality shoes. As a result, they are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

● Additional Comfort and Support

The Jordan is fairly well-liked since people are constantly looking for footwear that will provide them with additional comfort and support. Even though they enjoy wearing them, those who wear sneakers frequently experience chronic foot pain. Some people even get plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Therefore, most individuals favor the additional support and cushioning Jordan offers.

● Exceptional Materials

The best materials were used to create Air Jordan, which is why they are so well-known. Any product constructed using premium materials will be more expensive. People have noticed that, in contrast to other shoes of equivalent quality, the price of their Jordan is not excessive. Nike has produced excellent, cutting-edge goods, as well. And compared to other items on the market, the price of their sneakers is low.

● Wide Acceptance

Celebrities are familiar with and frequently wear Jordan sneakers, which has made them popular. These sneakers are worn by athletes, performers, and actresses. Therefore, when a well-known person purchases a great pair of shoes, any shoe can become something that others remember and seek. With this, Jordan values and desirability.

Hibbett shoes sneakers

How do Hibbett shoes and sneakers work? Well, sneakers are adaptable, ageless athletic shoes, and the majority of us own at least a pair or two. This versatile casual shoe style is available in a variety of designs, including classic, platform, dressy, and sneakers. It is now a requirement for everyone's appearance, regardless of age, and is no longer just worn with athletic attire. Nowadays, wearing sneakers with a suit is just as normal as wearing jeans or a tracksuit.

There are several terms used to describe a type of footwear that is none other than sneakers, including trainers, kicks, canvas shoes, and more.

In truth, the word sneakers has transcended borders and is now widely recognized, but where does it come from? Most people have certainly heard the term "sneakers" at some point and know what it refers to, especially those who enjoy this style of footwear

All the way over to America!

Sneak, from which the word sneak was derived, is to move covertly; it is also connected to theft; historically, thieves were known as sneaks. The main discrepancy was that at the time, most shoes were made of leather, which made walking in them noisy and made it impossible to pass unobserved. When the first rubber-soled shoes made their debut in the 19th century and became the ideal footwear for walking quietly, things began to change. That is how the word "sneaker" came to be.

Hibbett shoes Nike

Hibbett shoes Nike has responsive cushioning that gives your feet better protection. They are lightweight because they are made with fewer layers. Additionally, they give your feet more stability and ventilation. Nike athletic sneakers offer excellent cushioning and flexibility.

Hibbett Sports Online

hibbett  sports online

Sportswear for athletes is very competitive. Hibbett Sports understood that to stand out online, it needed to offer a remarkable shopping experience.

Without the requirement for developers to make ad hoc changes each time content needs to be uploaded, world-class content needs to be produced quickly. Hibbett Sports recognized the need for an agile, mobile-first strategy to enable customers to interact more directly with its products. regardless of the viewing platform.

Key challenges

  • Lack of client customisation
  • Slow times for content customisation
  • Ineffective communication between its 1,000+ physical stores


In July 2017, Hibbett Sports revamped its website. It was completely integrated with all brick-and-mortar retailers and included more than 200 product videos and 10,000 product reviews.

All editorial and content processes were improved using Amplience Content Hub, and hours of production time were saved by storing all products, content, photos, and other document materials in a single library. Now, content teams could quickly launch spectacular campaigns.

In just six months, the whole Hibbett Sports online experience was overhauled. As they could now access the whole variety of products on any platform, customers were gushing about their online experiences.

Teams were able to conduct speedy inventory inspections thanks to complete online synchronization with the stores. Customers could now return internet purchases to physical stores. Additionally, the Hibbett Rewards Program was properly configured.

Hibbett was able to easily start campaigns every week thanks to Content Hub. It was now possible to upload five distinct homepage photos that would cycle through the newest sales and top products for visitors. The customer experience at Hibbett Sports is now top-notch, whether you are shopping in-store or online.

Hibbett Clothing Store

Hibbett Clothing Store

“In a release, the company's president and CEO, Mike Longo, said, "Over the past few years, we have changed our corporate strategy to emphasize the athletic-inspired fashion items that our customers want. Hibbett, Inc., the company's new name, "better reflects our consumer-centric Toe-to-Head focus, which starts with in-demand footwear and offers cross-category connectivity to our apparel and accessory offerings."

The shop claims that despite the name change, it will still provide team sports products through its omnichannel platform and a handful of its stores, but its primary focus will now be on fashionable athletic-inspired clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The company has been implementing its shift away from sporting products toward a more fashion-focused range for several years now, as Longo stated in Hibbett's Investor Day presentation on Thursday.

According to the CEO, "This move allowed the company to enhance a selection of premium brands, such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Puma, Levi, and others; this meant that we moved into a space that allowed us to start offering a hard-to-access compelling assortment of hard-to-get products."

The company also disclosed that its current target market is Gen Z, specifically customers between the ages of 16 and 20, a group on which the retailer over-indexes in terms of purchases of both garments and footwear.

Bill Quinn, SVP of marketing and digital at Hibbett emphasized that focusing on this segment enables the company to forge relationships with customers at a young age. The CEO added that Gen Z consumers, as well as younger Gen-Alpha consumers and millennials, turn to Gen Z for fashion advice, thus success with Gen Z can translate to greater popularity.

Hibbett also shared information on its marketing and merchandising plans, noting that they are organized around five customer personas: the Alpha Jock, the Basketball Obsessed, the Fashion Titan, the Streetwear Hound, and the Sports-Style Fanatic.

Each of these consumer categories has unique characteristics, such as Streetwear Hounds which place a premium on rarity and have strong links to sneaker culture. Basketball Obsessed fans follow their favourite basketball teams both on and off the court, while Fashion Titans are trend-focused and social media savvy.

Finally, Alpha Jocks are trend-setters, whereas Sports-Style Fanatics strive to express their particular aesthetic through athletic wear ensembles that are influenced by the sports lifestyle and prioritize performance.

Hibbett's many store types aim to appeal to various combinations of these characters. Its sites with a stronger fashion emphasis want to draw Fashion Titans, Basketball Obsessed, and Sports-Style Fanatics. The Alpha Jock, the Sports-Style Fanatic, and the Basketball Obsessed are the target markets for stores that place more of an emphasis on sports products.

Focusing on the Streetwear Hound, the Fashion Titan, and the Basketball Obsessed, the company's City Gear banner is undoubtedly its most fashionable retail proposition.

Hibbett Sports Accessories

Hibbett Sports Accessories

Hibbett's dedication to the Hibbett Stores format for competing successfully against both the general and the speciality retailers in its business was verified by thirty years of profitable retailing in small to mid-sized markets. Hibbett carried a large variety of branded products in contrast to discounters and department stores, which often had small selections of athletic goods.

Hibbett set itself apart from national speciality retailers by offering a wide variety of high-quality products catered to regional athletic and community interests. These national speciality retailers often concentrated on a single category, like footwear, or a particular activity, like tennis or golf.

Although other rivals offered product lines and national brands comparable to those of Hibbett's stores, Hibbett Sports stores were typically the only ones in their markets selling the full range of athletic goods. Hibbett President Michael J. Newsome stated in the company's 1998 annual report that retailers in the sporting goods sector had three options: "sit idly by and watch the world go by; ‘slug it out' for additional market share, or cater to a real need." We favour the second option. Hibbett's advantage over competitors, according to Newsome, is that it "offers a broad line of sporting items with greater customer service.

By concentrating on smaller markets, we are typically only competing with local footwear chains and small, independent sporting goods retailers. This enables us to better serve a wider consumer base”.

When it comes to attracting particular customers, Hibbett Sports has a distinctive brick-and-mortar advantage.

The sports speciality shop concentrates on "underserved markets," where there is less rivalry. This tactic aids it in attracting customers who have fewer purchasing options. Furthermore, it benefits its principal vendors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full refund is available if you return fake shoes to Hibbett.

No, Hibbett does not offer fraudulent footwear either online or in person.

Depending on the brand and style, Hibbett provides shoes at varying pricing points. However, they frequently provide discounts and promotions that lower the cost of the shoes.

No, Hibbett only offers domestic shipping.

By looking at the small elements, such as the branding, materials, and packaging, you can determine whether the shoes are legitimate. For assistance, you can also get in touch with Hibbett's customer support division.