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YesStyle - Live Your Fashion Dreams YesStyle - Live Your Fashion Dreams

YesStyle has over 20 years of experience in the field of online shopping. Joshua Lau and Priscilla Chu, two of their co-founders, launched in a San Francisco basement in 1998. They launched in 2006 intending to make Asian entertainment products available to clients in the US, and they then expanded to offer Asian fashion and beauty products globally. The business was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021.

Now With offices in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan and our main warehouse in Hong Kong, YesStyle employs a varied staff of over 400 employees. This entity boasts a widespread and global clientele, drawing in customers from a multitude of locations worldwide. From the United States and Canada to far-flung places like Australia, and across the expanse of European nations, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain, a diverse spectrum of customers forms its extensive patronage.

Trustpilot, the business review platform, stands proudly with an impressive library of more than 70,000 reviews, securing for itself a robust overall rating of 4.3 out of 5. Beyond these reviews, their online influence stretches far and wide, commanding an extensive Instagram following exceeding 1.3 million devoted followers. They cater to students by offering exclusive discounts and benefits and have established a thriving network of over 200,000 online influencers.

People are choosing fast fashion more frequently since it appears to be the most cost-effective alternative to trendy clothing, and it is growing in popularity. Fast fashion companies like Shein and Yesstyle have gained popularity, and they are most likely here to stay. Whereas Shein dresses are the preferred option these days for inexpensive and fashionable clothing due to their popularity and accessibility in so many nations.

YesStyle clothing

YesStyle clothing

Men's and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories are available from YesStyle, an online fashion company. The business aims to make fashion affordable for everyone.

Since its founding in 2006, the business has expanded quickly. It is currently one of Asia's top internet merchants.

It is a sister firm to the well-known Asian business YesAsia. Asian entertainment, clothing, and beauty products are sold on the global market by YesAsia.

YesStyle distributes products from various designers and labels in addition to its line of goods. Customers have an easy method to shop for trendy things from the comfort of their homes thanks to the company. Customers can refine their search results by price, category, or brand on its user-friendly website.

Additionally, it has a loyalty program where clients earn points for each transaction.

Fast fashion is becoming more popular, making it challenging to determine whether the clothing was produced ethically. Many fashion retailers purchase their clothing from unidentified, foreign makers.

Asian brand clothes is the specialty of the retailer YesStyle. Despite having its headquarters in Hong Kong, the majority of its items are made in China.

Numerous investigations in recent years have charged most Chinese factories with unethical behavior and poor working conditions. Some have questioned the ethics of YesStyle's apparel as a result of this.

The business, though, has taken action to address these worries. All suppliers must now follow stringent norms of behavior. This indicates that the employees who produce the clothing for YesStyle are paid fairly, provided with secure working environments, and shown respect.

In addition, None of YesStyle's goods contain Fur or Leather. Additionally, the company uses sustainable materials to create all of its apparel. Whereas Macy’s dresses have a vast range of silhouettes created for every shape, the styles are limitless, the prints are stunning, and the fits are dreamier than ever

To make sure these criteria are being met, the brand performs frequent audits. Several factories that have received Fair Trade certification are partners of YesStyle.

You can therefore shop with assurance knowing that your purchase helps a moral company.

YesStyle women clothing

Women have a huge selection of apparel options at YesStyle clothing, from jackets and dresses to activewear and trousers. They provide a huge selection of cutting-edge styles at incredibly low prices.

The majority of people advise reading the evaluations for each item before buying because the quality can be hit or miss. Additionally, many buyers advise sizing up because the sizes tend to run small.

Where does YesStyle purchase its clothing?

YesStyle ships to more than 150 nations and offers products from over 700 companies.

The majority of the goods sold by YesStyle come from China. However, the corporation also buys products from Taiwan, Korea, and other Asian nations including Japan and Korea.

Customers can choose from a large variety of goods at YesStyle that come from both independent designers and well-known Asian brands.

It works with a network of carefully chosen suppliers to provide its consumers with the top Asian fashions.

What substances does YesStyle employ?

Cotton, polyester, and elastane are the main materials used to make the clothes that are offered on Yesstyle.

The company's YS by Yesstyle line features what it calls "eco-friendly" textiles including organic cotton or recycled polyester, according to the firm.

However, we still discovered significant amounts of virgin polyester being utilized in the majority of YS goods. To us, it strongly resembles greenwashing.

YesStyle review

YesStyle review

In terms of Asian fashion and lifestyle goods, YesStyle is a reliable brand. Having said that, many YesStyle evaluations are hit or miss. The majority of consumers complain that the quality is inconsistent and the shipping is generally slow.

Overall, YesStyle appears to be consistent with the majority of modern fast-fashion firms.

Let's look at some comments on YesStyle review:


Without a doubt, one of the best features of YesStyle is how reasonably priced everything is. Although some of the higher-quality brands available could be a little more expensive, the brand is generally very affordable.


The quality of YesStyle might be hit or miss, just like it is with the majority of these Chinese-based firms. However, it is generally agreed upon that the quality is typically equivalent to the price you pay when you take into account the low pricing.


YesStyle has a vast selection of apparel, cosmetics, and lifestyle products. Even a men's line is available!
They certainly have a huge assortment of goods, even if the quality is hit or miss.


Orders costing $49 or more qualify for free shipping. Similar to the majority of fast-fashion companies based in China, shipping can be incredibly sluggish. Despite the slow shipping, the majority of clients had no issues. 

However, some people encountered issues with their tracking number and contacted customer service for assistance.

YesStyle shoes

YesStyle shoes

Some of the kinds of YesStyle shoes are as follows:

  • Wellies

They offer knee-level protection, are lightweight, waterproof, and are simple to slide on. Wellies don't cause splashes, in contrast to flip-flops. Even if there is a splash, it will ultimately hit the boot. When worn correctly, wellies may look quite stylish.

Wellies' only disadvantage is that they could be too stiff for summer and can look overly deliberate.

  • Sandals

After wellies, sandals (including flip-flops) are the second choice. They are unquestionably inexpensive, convenient to put on, comfy, and dry rather quickly, but they might not seem professional enough for the workplace. Your feet can still touch the street's water, mud, and rubbish. 

If someone unintentionally steps on your sandals from behind, they can fall off your feet. Some sandals have narrow soles, which prevents you from walking through puddles. Additionally, not all sandals have a secure grip, so you could still slide and fall to your knees.

  • Sneakers

Sneaker reps are well aware that sneakers meet most of the essential requirements for comfortable and functional footwear. They understand that sneakers offer coziness, non-slip soles, flexibility, and the ability to keep your feet dry in many everyday situations. However, one common issue they often encounter is that sneakers are not typically constructed with entirely waterproof materials. This is where their expertise comes into play.

These dedicated sneaker representatives work diligently to bridge the gap between the stylish and practical aspects of footwear. They recognize the value of slip-on designs made of materials like metal, which not only provide excellent waterproofing but also lend a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. When covered in glistening water droplets, these metal slip-ons take the concept of fashion meets function to a whole new level, making a bold and statement-worthy choice for those who appreciate both style and practicality in their footwear.

Shoes for men

Every man is aware that an outfit cannot be finished without the proper footwear. You can find the ideal pair of men's shoes for any occasion with the aid of their extensive selection of men's shoes. With a sharp suit, classic oxfords, derbies, and brogues go hand in hand. Chukkas, loafers, and moccasins are for relaxing. Flip-flops, slip-ons, sneakers, and athletic shoes all contribute to maintaining your street flair.

YesStyle makeup

YesStyle makeup

YesStyle doesn't limit itself to clothing and accessories; it opens the doors to a vast array of beauty products. This expansive selection encompasses offerings from various brands, featuring an assortment that includes brushes, skincare essentials, cosmetics, and hair care solutions.

It appears that the majority of clients prefer YesStyle makeup goods to its apparel. Additionally, everything is fairly reasonably priced, so it won't cost you a lot if you decide not to use a particular item.

YesStyle doesn't simply cater to skincare aficionados; it's also a goldmine for makeup enthusiasts. While it's renowned for its extensive skincare selection, it warmly embraces those who find their passion in the realm of makeup artistry, expanding its allure to both beauty domains.

At this online destination, you'll discover an extensive skincare collection, featuring moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and toners, all geared to prep your skin as the perfect canvas for your makeup creations. Additionally, YesStyle offers thoughtfully curated skincare kits for newcomers or anyone seeking a full beauty routine. If you're in the market for top-notch makeup products like foundation, eyeshadow palettes, or the latest lipstick shades, YesStyle is your all-in-one destination to not only care for your skin but also enhance your natural beauty with the best makeup products available on the market.

Popular products at YesStyle makeup include the numerous iterations of Romand's Better Than Palette, Juicy Lasting Tint, and Glasting Water Tint. Nine complementing eye makeup colors in matte to sparkly textures are included in each Better Than Palette. Other top sellers include the Glasting Water Tints, which

YesStyle outfits

YesStyle outfits

If you're seeking fashionable, well-made clothing at a reasonable cost, YesStyle outfits are a good option to look into. There is something for every taste on the YesStyle website's extensive selection of clothing for both men and women.

Quality fabrics and expert craftsmanship typically characterize the clothing, ensuring a well-put-together ensemble. While sizing may sometimes prove a tad capricious, worry not, for there's often a helpful size guide readily available to guide you in discovering that perfect fit.

Delivery times can also be a little annoying. However, if you can wait a few weeks, you won't be let down.

Except for sale items and personal care items, YesStyle accepts returns within 30 days. You can ask for a refund, however, the company's standard return policy is store credit.

YesStyle will pay all return shipping expenses if a product is defective or wrong. The cost of any additional returns or exchanges will be borne by the client.

The world of fashion is evolving rapidly, driven by the ever-changing fashion seasons. Fast fashion is becoming increasingly popular, with new trends emerging quicker than ever. However, this pace presents a dilemma, making it challenging for consumers to determine whether the clothing they adore was produced ethically.

In this fast-paced industry, many fashion retailers source their clothing from unidentified, foreign makers, sometimes prioritizing low costs and quick production turnaround over ethical practices. It's a complex puzzle for conscientious consumers who wish to make responsible choices while keeping up with the latest fashion seasons. As trends come and go, the ethical concerns surrounding fashion production persist, urging consumers to be more mindful of their clothing choices and the impact they have on both the environment and the people involved in the supply chain.

Asian brand clothes is the specialty of the retailer YesStyle. Despite having its headquarters in Hong Kong, the majority of its items are made in China.

Numerous investigations in recent years have charged most Chinese factories with unethical behavior and poor working conditions. Some have questioned the ethics of YesStyle's apparel as a result of this.

In addition, None of YesStyle's goods contain Fur or Leather. Additionally, the company uses sustainable materials to create all of its apparel.

To make sure these criteria are being met, the brand performs frequent audits. Several factories that have received Fair Trade certification are partners of YesStyle.

You can therefore shop with assurance knowing that your purchase helps a moral company.


YesStyle is a well-known online fashion company that makes following trends both accessible and affordable. However, because the majority of its apparel and accessories aren't the most recent, it isn't considered fast fashion.

However, the company still provides premium goods at fair prices. Therefore, YesStyle is a dependable choice if you're seeking an ethical and environmentally friendly brand to meet your fashion needs.

Being the go-to brand for Asian goods was the sole reason YesStyle was founded. The company's goal is to build a bridge that connects Asian goods with consumers around the world.

Everything you could need in terms of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty is available from the brand. YesStyle wants to introduce Asian culture to international customers by doing this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to buying abroad, the most frequent query is whether or not you're about to be conned. Reviews and customer comments can attest to the fact that YesStyle is a real business and not a fraud.

Orders shipped via standard delivery to the United States usually arrive between 7 to 14 business days, while shipping dates vary based on where you're delivering to. Order delivery can occasionally take up to 3–4 weeks, though.

YesStyle is without a doubt a fantastic site to purchase economical clothing, but the quality is in doubt. While some consumers claim the quality is respectable, some claim it is extremely subpar.

Not the worst, but also not the finest. On the one hand, it's a fantastic place to find fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. On the other hand, the clothes' quality can occasionally be in doubt, and the sizing can vary widely.

YesStyle is not a Chinese company, despite having a significant presence there. It was purchased in 2019 by a division of the Japanese holding corporation Mercari.